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Tuesday 9 June 2015

Set Up

I was invited by a friend to judge a food contest today. I didn't know it was for Wazobia TV. God set me up 'cause had I known, I'm sure I would have chickened out 'cause I don't speak Pidgin so well. Not having any certified cooking experience, I felt unqualified; but then I had this thing at the back of my mind, having attended several motivational talks. They always say, 'don't say you can't, say you can and then go learn how to do it'. I've always begrudged that statement. I really don't think we should go out grabbing every opportunity 'cause we will only end up being Jacks-of-all-trade and masters of none. That's how mediocre products and services are made. I believe I should be known for something that I'm the best at. However, I didn't also want to miss an opportunity that was mine because of fear. I had learnt my lessons well. Thankfully, I didn't have time to contemplate. Before I could say yeah or nay, I got a call from one of the organizers. I expressed my concern of not being a professional cook and she said, 'Oh no, it doesn't matter. We are looking for people from different walks of life. We just want food lovers'. Thank goodness. I finally felt qualified. Another weakness turned to strength.

So I read a little about judging a food contest and today arrived. I didn't know how to be dressed. This was going to be my first Tv appearance since I was about 8yrs old. I didn't want to be too casual, but I didn't also want to wear something I couldn't walk on since it was going to be a long trip to VI and I wasn't mobile. So I wore a short gown with a pantyhose and a flat black shoe which happened to be a bad choice for a rainy day. I managed to arrive early and I had to wait for the other judges who happened to be Nikki Laoye, the gospel hip hop artiste and Jennifer, fashion designer of Esosa stores. 

Queen B was the host and the show was Chop Chop. We were to make all conversations in Pidgin English. That was the hard part. Queen B's Pidgin was flawless. I really struggled, switching from Pidgin to English to Igbo even. Thank God it wasn't live. I hope they cut out my misyarns before it's aired. 

So it wasn't a bad experience after all and the judging thing wasn't as technical as I had thought it would be. 

I may not still agree with that saying of I can do all, (I'm not saying I don't believe the Bible, we just quote that out of context many times) but I know that when you walk with God, He'll lead you into the opportunity that is yours. I've become bolder knowing that even if I make mistakes, I'll learn from them. Fear denies us of a whole lot. 

I have an assignment now: to go work on my Pidgin. 

Radiant ~ June 2015


pj said...

Ooooo wow!!! You met Nikki Laoye! she's one of my faves, would love to meet her someday. Lovely write up. I'll take my chances this week as well

Unknown said...

Hope you perform with Nikki Laoye.
When will the show aired?

You're going International friend, make i take selfi with you..... oya pose!

Radiant said...

Yes o. See me feeling like a super star. Thanks PJ. Wish you luck

Radiant said...

That'll be nice. I hope so too. I've not been told when it will be aired, but it may take a while 'cause I think they are shooting for a whole season. I'll definitely let you know.

Unknown said...

Lol @misyarns. Nice write up though. You always have a way of presenting a seemingly unfavorable situation in a good light. I learnt one or two. Thank you

Radiant said...

Thanks for your comment Chinedu. I'm glad you learnt something

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you enjoyed your time. Your pidgin is perfect. Till the first dictionary of Nigerian pidgin English is compiled, any form of broken english will pass. I remain anonymous.

Unknown said...

Great...that must have been fun for you...I most times try to reduce speaking pidgin cause i fear it will affect my English..