Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Kill Me Before I Die

Kill me before I die
Thrust your arrow into my heart
What's more, your love is like poison

I never asked you to drink it

O yes you did
You mixed it thoroughly,
served it in a crystal goblet
I watched as it flaunted its rubied fashion,
calling me to share its majestic splendour
and I couldn't refuse

But I never asked you to drink it

Why did you brandish it before my eyes
and watch me guzzle before I could think twice
I floated on the clouds and smelled peace
You didn't lift a finger to rescue me

Why should one be rescued from peace?

You arrogant beast!
Surely, you knew what you were doing
Now my wings are broken and I've fallen from the sky
My eyes are open, my guts stolen, my clock's ticking
Kill me before I die
Your hate may do me good

©Radiant 2015


Ibe Chidiogo said...

What do you think of this poem? What does it mean to you? What feelings does it inspire?

Mynaijathots said...

I read this twice so far and tried to digest it as much as I could. . However I Do detect a hint of rage, deception and self pity............

Ibe Chidiogo said...

You read right @Mynaijathots. I just had the title on my head one day and thought of what to do with it.