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Wednesday 22 July 2015

Reminiscing: Bakassi Boys

I was young 
but  not  naive
as   heads  flew
and blood spilled
and   fear  grew;
Onitsha    was 
a terror zone
One day as 
we were riding 
back home from 
school,       mummy
driving, me on the back 
seat with my siblings, we were 
caught in traffic and we saw their 
vehicle. They were carrying weapons, 
knives, red scarves. I think one was lifting
a head over his head. Blood drained down his 
chest. We drove past and I gasped at something 
that looked like a doll's head lying lifeless on the 
black tarmac. It was human and it was already 
white. Some said they saw the arms and 
legs lying somewhere. It was terrible,
terrifying. They said they were 
cleaning out the streets
Robbers were in for it
Everyone that had ever 
stolen meat from a pot was 
sorry. Only saints plied the road
Guilty ones disappeared to  other 
states. Onitsha was now 'safer' than 
ever but terror was palpable. A few 
families bore the grief for loved 
ones beheaded in cold 
blood. One day we 
heard some good news:
Eddie n'Awgu was dead. Thanks 
to Bakassi. Eddie n'Awgu  had  held 
the town  in  much  terror  for  so  long
Like with Marfian bosses, everyone 
feared him. He called himself 
half human and half spirit
His Odeshi didn't work 
this time.I heard he 
had a  hotel where 
they fed on human 
parts.        Bakassi 
had      succeeded 
in cutting the head 
of the snake.There 
was   jubilation  on 
the streets of Osha
just like when Gen.
Sani   Abacha  died
They became  heroes 
We couldn't tolerate robbers
but we tolerated ruthless murderers
For it is written 'The wages of sin is death'

©Radiant~July 2015


Chiamaka said...

Wow! Diogo u just awakened a nostalgia feeling! I can remember how scared I used to be when they drove pass me. They kept reminding me of that N5 I took from mum's purse to buy Olympic biscuit.. ...

Chiamaka said...


Radiant said...

Hahaha @Chiamaka