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Tuesday 4 August 2015

YALI West Africa Week 1

I'm brimming with gratefulness to God for the privilege of being a participant at the pioneer set of Young African Leaders Initiative West Africa, an Obama initiative created to discover and train young emerging African leaders in the areas of business and entrepreneurship, public administration and civic leadership. It's been interesting and very educative. I've made some friends from Ghana, The Gambia, Liberia and even fellow Nigerians. As characteristic of me, I've been taking a lot of selfies with them. One of my new friends from Sierra Leone has even promised to send me a selfie stick when he gets back. Hahahaha. 

 When we arrived Kotoka airport, Accra.

 That's me right there as the link forming letter 'A'
 If Scrabble aint part of a program, that program aint for me. Lol
We had excess food, well still do. May I not come back with folds
Elephant group taking a pic with our facilitator, Dr. Marc Hardy and his wife on their last day with us
 What I do best

Radiant ~ August 2015

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