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Thursday 31 December 2015

Come my dear

I'm seeing him for the first time tomorrow 
I'm excited 
but tensed 
I don't know what to expect 
I'm curious 
A little worried
what he is going to look like

Something in me tells me there's something good in him
Like I'm going to discover myself, live the life I've always wanted 
I'm going to be happy 
I'm eager to see him
Yet I'm concerned
I want to be free
Will he let me live my fantasies
Or will he make me rot in the drudgery of expected roles?

I can't wait to embrace him
But I want to be assured I'll be safe with him

I have mixed feelings 

Queasy yet expectant 
Like one who's expecting,
anticipating yet a little worried about the pangs

When tomorrow comes
I'll be with him
And I'll do my best
And trust God for the rest

Come my dear 2016!

 ©Radiant~ December 2015


Unknown said...

He is here already... Glory to God!

Happy New Year dear.

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Unknown said...

This is a case of --- Philophobia

Radiant said...

@Unknown Read again, this time carefully. You obviously missed the point