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Thursday 24 December 2015

What Happened To Radiant?

You haven't heard from me for like a month now and you're wondering whatever happened to the passionate and chatty Radiant. Well, I just got stuck in the writer's block. You know I always wait for some kind of inspiration to hit me before I start writing. But today, I was reading a blog post by an 18yr old college girl and it struck me that I had actually strayed from my roots. I used to just write about things that happen to me and that's what blogging is about, right? Like a log of events, call it a journal, a diary, whatever. But recently I've been more concerned with writing a perfect story. So it's not really like I had the writer's block but I've written many things which I didn't think were good enough so I just dumped them. I want to be that blogger that whenever you see her post, you just have to read it 'cause you know it's not going to be a waste of your time- she really has something interesting to say, not just another joker suffering from logorrhea. I always try to make my posts worth it even if it means not having regular or many posts. I just hope that next year will be different. This is more than 2 years and I'm happy with the progress I've made, but I pray it skyrockets next year. I pray the inspiration keeps coming, interesting events (good ones please) keep happening, writing will and energy keep coming, readers keep following and getting blessed, commenters keep commenting, and money keeps coming. Yea, money. I mean that literally. It's time to start making real figures and not just some 0.5 dollars a month. What! Who lives on that? Anyway, thank God this ain't about money. Otherwise, it would have been shut down by now. Hehehe. I thank God for my followers. You keep me going. When I feel like I'm insignificant, a like on a Facebook link to my blog tells me 'just maybe not'.

So to turn a new leaf, I'll start by forcing myself to write something for Christmas. How could Christmas Day pass and I don't have a post on my blog. I'm saying it here so I don't get an option to elope. I have to write something. And I hope it's good. So I'm going to be more observant, more in tune with my inner self because that's where the inspiration comes from. At worst, I get to say a merry Christmas to my followers, but I'm sure it wouldn't be that bland. I know inspiration comes when you're prepared for it. Actually, the truth is when I'm so occupied in thoughts and activities, I don't get anything to write. But when I'm expectant, like waiting on it in the midst of my activities... boom! something just happens that is worth telling and so I pick my tab and it just flows. Enough said. I better get to work. 

Meanwhile, Merry Christmas!!!

Radiant~ December 2015

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Unknown said...

It good to know that you are back with energy renewed...
For the records, we missed you. Don't leave us again with the excuse of writer's block o.

Stay beautiful, Welcome and Merry Christmas.
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