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Sunday 12 March 2017

Dessert, Fun and Bowling


Squeezing out time to drop the books, ditch the casual jobs, rest from other commitments and just unwind with friends is as necessary as service to a machine. First, I started my day with a new - well, not so new - let's say resurrected resolution to fast from cakes and junk foods. Of course grudgingly because I do love them and sometimes I sulk over the unfairness of this life. Why do some people get to eat all they want and yet have no chance of becoming even some inches thicker, whereas I have one bite, (just one bite!) and I have to change my wardrobe? So I reenacted the resolution because I couldn't fit into the dress I had planned to wear to class today. But as you can guess, I broke the resolve before the end of the day.
My classmates were going to have a treat at Heavenly Desserts and then go bowling in celebration of Ibtesam's birthday. I couldn't miss out on the opportunity to socialize, you know, take a break from the stress of studies and my part time student job. I didn't regret it after all. I had fun laughing, junking, bowling, chatting and all.

'Twas my first time bowling and I really enjoyed it. We went two rounds. The score on the last row is mine.
Happy birthday Ibtesam. I wish you more prosperous years. 
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