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Saturday 8 April 2017

Life through Entertainment

I am really concerned about the message of pre-marital sex being normal that runs through all our movies. It's like Christians are such a minority group when it comes to our beliefs represented in the media. But on Sunday's, churches are full. So is it that we only claim our Christianity in church and not let it affect our lives in the world? Every movie paints guys as polygamous and relationships as when a man has started sleeping with a lady. This is our entertainment and it's having a stealth effect on us, changing mindsets, forming subconscious beliefs and expectations, moulding behaviours. Help us O Lord of salvation!
Christian believers need to speak out. We need to be more conspicuous. We are under-represented in entertainment. Nobody shows you the lady who is 30 and a virgin because of her faith. Nobody shows you the 35 yr old bachelor who has not slept with a woman because of his faith. Our lifestyle is so under-represented and we claim to be many. Growing congregations, yet our light is almost snuffed out in the world of entertainment. If what we hear in church and do amongst brethren is not reflected in our lives in the world, then we are only deceiving ourselves. I am not saying movies should only depict ideal scenarios. I am saying the typical believer should be represented. Nowadays our movies try to represent minority groups including LGBT, yet the millions of Christian believers are not represented or at most misrepresented. Any portrayal of Christianity in entertainment is in the bad light or for comedy.
Anyway, we do not expect the world to represent us truly as Christians because Bible says the things of the flesh are in constant conflict with the things of the Spirit. So the onus lies on us Christian believers to represent ourselves. We need to let that 16yr old girl know that there are many with the same beliefs as her who have not succumbed to the pressure of premarital sex. We need to let the 24yr old boy know that there are many like him whose bodies are on fire for sexual passion but who have been able to exercise self control till they are married. We need to let the lady who has made a mistake know that she doesn't need to keep sinning just because she's already been deflowered. We need to let them know that sex doesn't have to define a relationship.
People need entertainment. But more importantly people need the life of Christ. Believers wake up. Let's give life through entertainment.

Radiant ~ April 2017

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