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Tuesday 15 August 2017

The Ultimate Protection for Your Children

So recently, there has been a lot of rave about immorality being introduced subtly into children content: cartoons, school textbooks, even biscuit designs. Parents are concerned and worried about their children going astray with all these as they cannot keep an eye on every single thing their children have access to.

People are disconnecting from Dstv, banning children from movies, replacing their entertainment with books, etc.

But there is one never failing protection.

I grew up watching Action movies not cartoons - Jet Li, Rambo n co. But my mom always watched the movies first before letting us watch. Any movie with an adult scene, once their heads were gravitating towards each other, she would switch to Tv, fast forward the video and switch it back to the movie. We got so used to it that even when we grew older and were allowed to watch movies on our own, the oldest among us would take it as their job to switch channels once they started "doing nonsense". Before we started watching any movie, we made sure the remote control was at hand. We only relaxed when it was Indian movies 'cause no matter how close their heads got, they would never kiss. Not until years later, when Bollywood got contaminated by Hollywood. With all this training, I was still exposed to immoral content.

During one of my secondary school holidays, my neighbour gave me a movie to watch. I was alone in the house that day. I slotted in the movie and all I could see was women with full frontal nudity. I thought I could go past the naked women to see what the movie was about but it was obvious this was not a matter of switching channels, I just pulled the movie out and returned it.

What made me irritated rather than excited to see a movie like that? I can say it was just the grace of God. God has mercifully delivered me from so many compromising situations I have found myself in over the years. These days, with easy access to internet and smart phones, it's even more dangerous for children and teenagers. I hear Ikydz is a great tool to control what your children have access to over the internet. Moreso, have you taught them what is right? Or do you shy away from discussing sensitive topics?

I believe in God's supernatural keeping. No matter how much we shield our children from such exposures, if they are not being kept by God, we'd be surprised at what they'd turn into. So train your children in the way they should go and in all your doings, make sure to pray for them. When you are not there, God will watch over them.

©Radiant ~ August 2017

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