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Sunday 29 October 2017

5 Irritating Habits of a Housemate

Sharing a house with other adults can be an exciting and enriching experience. If not for any thing, a cure for loneliness, people to talk to, laugh with, and so on. You also learn from your housemates as no two persons are the same. We do things differently and are experts at different things, so we can teach and learn from each other. Unfortunately, these differences can be the cause of constant friction, irritation, arguments, bitterness, malice, brawls and all what nots. I have had roommates, flatmates and housemates. And there are not many things that piss me off as these 5 habits of a housemate.
1. Leaving used crockery and utensils unwashed for days. 
I understand that it's easy to forget. You might have planned to get the pot soaked so that when you come back later to wash it, the stains would come off easily, then you forgot. That's alright. But when this happens not once, not twice, c'mon, you're just lazy. Period. 
2. Smoking in the house 
While I don't expect you to suddenly change your habit just because I'm your housemate, I expect you to be sensitive and considerate. It is written boldly on the wall, "DO NOT SMOKE ANYWHERE IN THIS HOUSE". That actually includes your bedroom. The smoke percolates through the apertures on your door to the whole house and it smells like hell. It literally nauseates me. More so, please don't put me at risk of the adverse health effects of passive smoking. So I would really appreciate if you took it outside. 
3. Soiling the sink after brushing 
Why would you brush your teeth and not rinse the stained sink properly? If your own spittle irritates you, how much more me? 
4. Not brushing off stains in the toilet after doing number two 
Now, how do I confront you with this matter? To say that I love to meet a clean bathroom and toilet to do my business in, and not have to first clean up your mess, leaving a decent loo for you to mess up again. Rule of thumb - always leave the toilet in a state you'd be happy to meet it. 
5. Never cleaning 
Since when did houses start cleaning themselves, or kitchen stains disappear spontaneously or bins empty themselves? Will you say you have not noticed these changes? Or have you taken for granted the fact that I will always clean up? 
Somebody please tell me what to do about all this. How do you begin to teach adults to unlearn habits they've prolly had for years. I am tired of whining. 
Is my list same as yours? Please let's talk. 
©Radiant ~ October 2017

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