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Sunday 23 September 2018

Evangelism and Kingdom Prayer

My take away from today's sermon at The King's Glory Church, King's Lynn

1. Evangelism

Nobody has the gift of evangelism 
Everyone is sent
We are the answer to the prayer of Jesus in Matt 9:37. 
We are the labourers in the harvest field.
As we come into the Kingdom, our purpose is to bring others. Matt 28:18-20

After we have seen the love of God and the power of God, we should have a burden for the lost. 

God does not want the unbelievers to perish. He loves them. He is waiting for us to go out and reach them. We can’t remain in church singing praise and worship. 

We can pray forever, but it is the Word of God that saves.

When you are faithful in small things, he will give you bigger things.

2. Weapon of Prayer

When the apostles saw Jesus, they said teach us to pray. We are not praying today as he taught us. "Your Kingdom come" was number one prayer point.

Get involved in Kingdom Prayer. Pray for the church, the leaders, souls. 

Where your leg cannot reach, your money can

Exodus 23:25-26: benefits of serving the Lord include blessings of provision, sound health and fruitfulness.

Radiant ~ September 2018