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Saturday 6 October 2018

Save The Date #RadiantKing

I am getting married!!!

How wonderful guys! Finally we've graduated from the Chyking classes. And for some that thought my principles were queer, as you can see they've worked for me. I am getting married to my friend.

This announcement has to come in stages

First the meeting
Becoming friends
Him not saying a thing
Finally making his intentions known
Me leaving for Masters
Long distance relationship
The reunion
The engagement
Preparing for the wedding

If you want to hear it all, keep visiting this blog.

My King is all and more than I wished for in my future husband. He is patient, kind, gentle, supportive, wise. He loves me with all my flaws. He seeks to make me a better woman. Thank you Lord for saving this one for me.

So now you know.

Radiant ~ October 2018


Unknown said...

Congrats dearie....nice to have you back on your blog with such a resounding news.Lovely and exceptionally happy for you dear.

Chuzzy said...

Congratulations dear..
He that finds a wife, finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord.

Arike said...

Aww, sweet and delightful...God bless you both and keep you true

Unknown said...

Congrats dear.

Ike said...

Wow. Congrats my sister. This is one of your shortest write ups. Looking forward to the love stories loading. it can't be short. I know

Unknown said...

Radiant love, Congratulations on your union. This is beautiful!

Unknown said...

Congratulations dear. Wish u marital bliss

Nwamaka Onyekachi said...

Yay. I am so happy to hear this. Congratulations darling.

We are getting married!

Kenneth Akutu said...

This is beautiful!!! Congratulations dear. Your union is blessed.