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Thursday 19 February 2015

And It Came To Pass (We Are Good To Go)

It's almost one year since I came into Lagos, sent by The National Youth Service Corps to serve my country. Lagos looked like a fertile ground to many. When they asked you where they posted you and you said Lagos, they kinda looked at you with some how-I-wish-it-were-me look. Some immediately conferred on you some respect for having 'longer legs' than theirs 'cause they tried and didn't get it. Well, Lagos to me, came on a platter of gold; I couldn't refuse it. The other option I had was to go to Abuja, but I chose Lagos. I wanted to explore my talents and I felt Lagos gave better room for it. Thankfully, I didn't regret the choice. 

Camp was fun. Click here for my camp experience. After camp, I chose to go to a primary health care centre 'cause I didn't want any 'stress'. While others were gathering locums (other jobs in private hospitals), I was comfortable with the PHC work that afforded me 6-7 hrs, 2-3x a week with not more than ten patients to see per day. It was a great deal for me, seeing that I had just come out of an arduous house job . I really needed the rest. Besides, I loved the time it afforded me to do what I really came to Lagos to do—explore my other talents. I joined the theatre group in church, I started attending a dance school, I enrolled for voice training. I was always so busy. At some point I ran into trouble for leaving work while the Oba of the area was still in the hospital for inspection. He threatened to have me redeployed to the north. Click here for the story. Thanks to God I escaped that one. 

I made quite a number of friends. From my Community Development Service group : music CDS. We were able to produce a single dedicated to Nigeria. The song is titled Living In Peace. You'll be hearing it soon. From church, the theatre group, Snapshots ( I did my first stage play since secondary school), from the dance crew that hosted the show, Allegiance and from my dance school, Dance Deal Academy.

I had some frightening experiences too. My house got flooded once and left me with 12 buckets-full of water to scoop out, clothes and books to dry, some clothes to condemn and a spoilt laptop.
Armed robbers visited my compound also. The account of the event is properly described here. And had me battling with post traumatic reaction: palpitation every time I heard the sound of a door's protector while sleeping. This continued for a long time until The Lord delivered me by reassuring me in His Word that 'In Peace I will both lay down and sleep, because He alone makes me dwell in safety'. It has become part of my daily confessions.

I had some romantic moments too. (Now Your ears are pricked up). Yeah. I fell in love a couple of times (won't tell you how many). I met sincere people and crazy ones too. Lagos is just a home for all. And I learnt a lot. 

I joined a living church led by a Spirit filled Pastor and I was so glad to be fed with real meat twice a week. I was happy because back in Enugu, it was quite difficult to stay in one church. I just wasn't really getting fed except for the times I was at Kingdom Word Ministries which is a non-denominational, non-Sunday meeting fellowship by my Pastor, Pastor Bankie. It was relieving to finally find a regular Sunday-meeting church that shared the true Word of God. My church is Covenant Christian Center led by Pastor Poju Oyemade. I discovered new truths about faith and the power of confessions and how to handle crisis.

Looking back at the past many months, almost getting to a whole year since I came into Lagos, I can only thank God for bringing me here. It has not been a journey of regrets but that of fulfillment. I've discovered myself more, I've learnt a lot and I've been a blessing to many by being here.

May the good Lord who led me here by His own hand, be the one I'll keep following till the end. Amen

©Radiant~ February 2015


Unknown said...

Your path shines brighter and brighter.

Ikechukwu Nnabeze said...

Congrats, it pays to listen and obey.

Unknown said...

The sky is your limit... keep soaring higher dear!

But that romantic part is incomplete o.

Unknown said...

Chi, I still remember my first mail/message to you....I am happy to have met you. I am also happy to hear that your NYSC is done and dusted. Keep doing what you do and more blessings will come. Take care.

JOEL said...

Nysc, I still remember leaving the village where I served. I had Leona lewis, take a bow playing in my ears. I looked back one last time fulfilled. Knowing I had done my duty, serving my country. Knowing I would be forever changed by that one year experience....

Nwamaka Onyekachi said...

Forward match things now. . .Congrats sweerie!