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Thursday 7 August 2014


29th June 2011
Thank you Lord for today. There's so much that happened today so where do I start my gist from?
Alright, I woke up at the right side of my bed, if there's anything like that. I had a difficult time getting up anyway 'cause I tossed and tossed trying to pray with sleep in my eyes until I finally opened them and picked my Bible. With heavy eyes I scanned through it and read today's passage at ODB(Our Daily Bread)- I can't even remember what it talked about. Then I got up and prepared for the bathroom. Without delay, I had my bath and went to Amy's room to ask for breakfast. She had just finished eating my preferred breakfast- bread- and offered me Indomie. So I cooked it, ate, fetched 'free water', read a chapter of 'The happiest people on earth' and dressed up for school. I met the bus at the gate and I was at the hospital in less than an hour. I headed for the theatre like I've done for eleven days in Anaesthesia posting, got changed into my green scrub and was ready for school work.

However, it wasn't long I lost interest like I've done in recent times. The place was smelly, anaesthetists weren't around and only two surgeries were holding at the time. I told someone to beep me if they started teaching so I could rest on the chair at the changing room, but I diverted to the auxiliary theatre where Dr. A was about to do a urethroplasty. I learnt new things there along with 2 of my classmates. We saw the old anaesthetic machine, the monitor for urethroscopy and I left again. This time I sat in front of the nurses common room 'cause there was no space at the changing room. While I was there Dr. B came and joined me on the seat next to me. This is someone I've been tripping for of recent. He is a true Christian and we attend the same church, a typical TDH (tall, dark and handsome), a doctor- not like I'm keen about the profession- and I've got these butterflies in my tummy anytime I see him. Oh, so you can imagine how I felt when he sat next to me, a mere medical student. He's kinda interested but he's a shy type. So Lord, if he is not the one for me, please take these feelings away. I need to be able to think clearly.


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shirley said...

That's 3yrs ago.Are the butterflies still there?