Holding Hands

Sometimes I know what to say but not how to say it
I go in circles, complain of your quietness, your indifference 
I accuse you for not taking a picture with me
But all I want to say is
I really miss you holding my hand

It meant so much to me the first time you did it
Each time from then I felt your love in that simple act
So when you stop, it says something to me
I may be wrong but I can't think differently

Because you won't hold my hand
I notice you've not smiled much today
I notice you've not talked much either
Or cracked your usual jokes or tease me

You say you can't come and it feels like it's true
What my head's telling me just might be it
I go under my shell
I decide not to talk either

I hoard my smiles
I don't gesture to hug
If someone's not feeling it, I shouldn't force it
Let's see where this takes us
Maybe someone will soon talk

You notice my disposition
And you're concerned
'You look sad', you tell me
'What's wrong?'

I say I'm fine
And I feel worse
You should be the object of scrutiny
Not me

I open my mouth to talk
Nothing comes out
This is insane
You started it

I know what to say but not how to say it
I go in circles, I complain of your quietness, your indifference
I accuse you for not taking a picture with me
But all I want to say is
I really miss you holding my hand

©Radiant~ February 2015


Wow! Namesake, you went into my mind didn't you....beautiful, everyone can relate to this...but here's what i think, you miss holding his hand? Say it....beautiful piece.
Unknown said…
Diogo, there you go again. It happens to anyone who has known real love before. It comes in different shades. This is a beautiful piece. It evokes feelings, repentance, commitment and LOVE. Nice read. Keep it up.
Unknown said…
Simplicity is complicity...the best things in life are simple and the best acts of love/kindness are the ordinary, everyday gestures. A smile, as simple as it is, is a mini sun that can light up someone's dark day.

The simplicity of this piece endears it to me, or should I say,me to it?
Unknown said…
What if you held his hands instead? Or called him? Or visited him instead? For Love isnt so much about what we receive. Putting each other first is key.
Could it be that he was only deep in thought?
Are there times you want to be by yourself? Closet times I call them. To think things through, plan but not worry...
I can't speak for either party here (lol) but I'm a lateral thinker so...
Radiant said…
You're right @ordinary everyday gestures. Thanks
Radiant said…
Well, you're right. But maybe it will do some good to let her know those times, instead of just shutting her out. I'm sure ladies will appreciate it. Thanks for your contribution.

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