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Sunday 27 September 2015

YALI West Africa Week 4

By this time we had begun to lose our fire. Prof. Dankwa was gone with our YALI time. People showed up for classes at 9am. We were split into our various classes: Entrepreneurship, Public Administration and Civic Leadership. My Entrepreneurship class was the most interesting. We had practicing entrepreneurs as guest speakers come to tell their stories about how they started small, the challenges they faced and how they've managed the glory. We had Philip Ayesu( Multiple Concepts, X-men), Christy Brown (fashion designer), Akila (beaded bags). The most exciting for me was Leymah Gbowee, a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate who spoke with us as a mother would her children. 

She addressed the entire YALI participants advising us not to be in a hurry to make the headlines, not to run without brains just because we are called The Cheetah Generation, but to be consistent in what we do and wait for our own time. She also shared her family life with us, explaining how she has tried to cope with being a mother of six, traveling different continents every week for speeches and being a wife to her also traveling husband.

She ended her talk stating that she has been able to achieve all these because of the God she serves. She professed her Christian faith and advised us to have faith in God. She left with a standing ovation from all over the hall and people struggling to take pictures with her. I feared we would push her down in the struggle, so I decided to only snap with her when my group was called. It was a thought provoking moment for us.

Snapshots with the founder of Akila

The bag in front is one of her products. I bought it and it's really beautiful. You can order yours via www.akilashop.com

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