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Monday 31 October 2016

Meet My Classmates

I have wonderful people in my class. Today, I'd love to introduce some of them to you.

This is Manuel. He is a very jovial and lively person and always has something to contribute in class. He is currently running for Medical and health sciences rep for the post graduate sounding board.

Hi, I’m Jose Manuel Besares Lopez, and I'm an international student from Mexico. I'm studying MPH Public Health (International Health). Back in Mexico, I got a Bachelor Sc. degree in Genome Biotechnology and I really enjoyed getting engaged in looking for answers to social issues through the application of biological sciences. I consider myself  a young and enthusiastic person, committed to the wellbeing of my community and I love to use the power of my voice to create changes in my environment through a constructive, inspiring, and transformational leadership. This year I received the Chevening Award, the UK Government Scholarship that provides me the opportunity of meeting Radiant and my other fabulous colleagues at the MPH!

This is Savina. Always smiling. She hardly raises her hand in class to make a contribution, but when we are in groups, she has very relevant knowledge or experience to share. I always thought she was a shy person, but I got to know another side of her last Thursday when she made a 30min presentation about Cambodian health care system in front of the whole class.

My name is Chham Savina. I come from Cambodia, a country in south-east Asia. Currently, I am doing a Master of Public Health at the University of Nottingham.
Having a bachelor of pharmacy and working experience based in the health field, I discovered that I have a great passion in public health. That's why I decided to pursue my postgraduate course in public health. This course is very rich in providing theoretical skills and knowledge required for public health practice which I am sure that after I graduate I will be highly valued by a wide range of employers. Also, I chose to do an MPH because I would like to advance my core skills in public health which surely helps to open up a world of possibility for Cambodia health care system. I am kind of self-spoiling, so I always give myself a good treat after long tired day. whether it is a good movie or stuff, it brings fun to me.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Manuel and Savina. I'll stop here for now. That's Cheryl from USA in the background. You'll meet her in Meet My Classmates 2

©Radiant ~October 2016

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