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Sunday 13 January 2019

Onyenememma by Bella Samuel

Hot New Single From Bella Samuel - Onyenememma

A phenomenal Nigerian gospel singer, Bella releases his debut single and he sure did not disappoint.

Onyenememma which means ‘the one who does good’ tells of the goodness of God. It flows in sweet rhythm and lyrics bringing the essence of praise and worship wherever you are. 

Now Bella is someone I know personally. I have always admired his mic control, confidence and the flare he adds to every song he leads. I can only be excited about this original song of his, Onyenememma

Bella Samuel’s Onyenememma Lyrics


Omekwara m ozo e
You’ve been good to me
Omekwara m ozo e
You are God and you never change.
Like the rod of Moses
You parted the deep red sea
Like the slinging stones of David
The giants are falling down
Like the 5 loaves and 2 fishes
You’ve multiplied what I have
You have lifted me Jehovah
You’ve given me Victory
Jesu, Oloore oooo Jehovah O mekwara m ozo e
Jesu Onibuore ooo
Jehovah Omekwara m ozo eee
When the night has come
My God remains the same
And the sun is risen only you deserves the praise
I will tell the world of your goodness and love
And from my mouth you’ll know
Onyenememma is for real……

Follow Bella Samuel on the following social media platforms:

Instagram @bellamuzic
Face Book - Bella Samuel Olamilekan
Twitter @bellamuzic

Using Android, click on the play button below to listen. To download, just click on the pop out icon at the top right corner of the box below and click on download button at the top right of the subsequent page.

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Radiant ~ January 2019

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