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Monday 28 January 2019

The Imperative of the Presence of God

Sunday service sermon
@ The King’s Glory Centre, King’s Lynn

Preacher - Pastor Blessing

The presence of God is tangible and can be sort, acquired, retained and lost. If you must lose anything, do not lose the Presence of God.

Gen. 39:1-2 Joseph was a slave but became prosperous because God was with him. Without God's presence, you are limited, vulnerable, exposed.

Acts 12:1-20 Peter's chains fell off at the presence of God. There are habits people are struggling with. The prescription is to seek the presence of God. In life there are gates - dreams you have, ambitions etc. If you have the presence of God those gates will open just like the iron gate opened on its own due to the presence of God around Peter. But why did he allow the angel depart? When he eventually got to his people the door didn't open; he kept knocking. Where the presence of God is absent, frustration is inevitable.

Ps. 16:11The path of life is in the presence of God. There is fullnes of joy and pleasures where there is God's presence.

The presence of God is never to be assumed. Luke 2:46 It is so fragile that even the one who carries it may not know that it has departed. Jesus' parents went a day's journey without Him but did not know. Same way a lot of Christians live their lives without God's presence. A church can be functional without God's presence. It took Mary and Joseph 3 days to find him.

Why do we rush out of our homes without God's presence? We do not do this because we believe we can do it on our own. We can get victory over the day before we step out. The presence of God is to be sought diligently.

Jer.29:13 A man carrying the presence of God is loaded with power. Joseph had it in the prison and in the palace. If you have the presence of God in your career you'll find out that you're just favoured. While others practised catwalk, Esther sought God's presence and it brought her favour before the king. David never prayed to be king; all he longed after was for God's heart.

Heb. 5:7 Jesus sought God's presence with strong crying and tears. Without the presence of God we are compelled to go through the same process that mortal men go through. The presence of God is the lubrication of life and must be sought with desperation.

Radiant ~ January 2019
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