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Monday 21 January 2019

Why God Lets You Go Through A Long Journey

20/10/19 @ The King's Glory Church, King's Lynn, Norfolk

Preaching - Pastor Oladapo Adegoke

Theme 2019: Year of Clarity - Sons of Issachar understood the times

Why God will let you go through a long journey

1. He knows what He's building; to develop you E.g. Joseph - from his dreams, to the pit, to Potiphar's house, to the prison, to becoming Egypt’s Prime Minister

2. He knows what you'll face in future. E.g. he took the Israelites through a longer route to Canaan so that they wouldn’t turn back to Egypt when challenges came.

3. So that you could learn obedience. E.g. Abraham had to move before getting further instructions. He obeyed although He could not see the end.

4. God takes you through process so you can impact people around you.

5. So that He can take the glory.

What to do when going through 

1. Praise God at all times.

2. You have to know where you are

3. Approach the throne of grace with confidence

I add:
When going through, do not grumble or complain. The Israelites murmured and complained and they died in the wilderness.

Do you have any insights on this topic, please share in the comment section below. Thanks.

Radiant ~ January 2019

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