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Tuesday 21 January 2020

WAFBEC 2020 Day 4 morning session - Dr Cindy Trimm

We are going to see the rise of prophets
You know you're part of a new thing when you have a shift in your vocabulary 
God will move you into the realm of innovation
You will know what to do every month because God will give you strategy
What you have lost in the past decade, you will play catch up this year.
God will upgrade you mentally

3 mantles coming out of the church - the prophetic, kingdom and priestly .

The world is divided binomially - natural and spiritual
There are 12 kingdoms, under which there are 12 systems
Systems are made up of fields, industries and sectors
Industries, fields and sectors influence communities and communities influence families.

This season, God will give you
1. Open heavens
2. Spiritual acuity - seeing things way ahead of time. The mantle of the prophet. Natural sight, dreams, vision, perspectives. God will atune your ear to His frequency.
The mantle of Daniel - interpret times and seasons. 
3. Innovation - God will move you to a realm of innovation. 
4. Indispensability - God will make us indispensable. Industries will say,  we may not like them but we cannot do without them.

In this generation and decade, there is going to be a restoration of identity. God will redefine what it means to be human. 

Education is not as powerful as revelation. 
Why stop at the level of a degree when you can have the mind of Christ?

You will never lose in life when you understand who you are.

When God wants to do something new, he starts with an individual who will be tested in his family, community, system and then kingdom.

There is an activation of faith in the church

When you are planted in an industry , you need to first ask what is the problem you have called me to solve. You have to match your gifts to the problems.

Isa 43:19-21
Goodbye yesterday - the power of innovation 

Noah the trend setter 
Joseph the game changer
Abraham the history maker
Esther the gap filler
Jacob odds defier

Theme - This is a decade of innovation 
Part One - Noah the Trend Setter

Gen 7:12, Matthew 24:38-39, Heb 11:7

God warned him about the coming trend. He was not going to be affected by the trend but was going to be a trend setter. We are not going to be swept away by the trend, but set the trend.
This season we will live without fear, because God will give us heads up. Faith will take me into the realm of unlimited potentials.

This is a decade to study the Word of God. The Word of God is going to be my life, my GPS system to navigate the changing times. 

People in my industry are measuring their performance by my performance. I am the edge. 
2 Kings 6:16-17

As God sends me into my industry to possess mountains, I will be surrounded by angels. 

I'm coming into a decade of revelation.

I'm a faith believer. I'm seeing beyond the natural.

God is filling my mind with dreams and visions, showing me coming trends. My mind is no longer filled with yesterday. I have new cycles. New cycles of influence, power, dominion, innovation. The new is here. 

God is giving me new concepts, new ideas, new philosophies that will push my industry forward. 

1 Sam 3:21
This year God will reveal himself to me. 
Eph 1:18 - 19, God is birthing me into a new realm of greatness. 

Nigeria is the leading super power in the continent of Africa

God will raise Nigeria to reset the calibrating system of other nations.

The anointing of Japheth is upon me.
Japheth means open. My eyes of understanding are open. We will learn, unlearn and relearn. 
Sham and ham mean fire. I will be on fire. People will watch me burn. 

The significance of the number 40
Mourning - Joseph. They mourned Joseph for 40days. Your mourning days are over.
Moses had 3 separate occasions of being on the mount for 40days
You will select 40 days 3x this year that you will go into the mountain of the Lord, to collect the strategy that will sustain you for the next 10yrs.

For the next 40yrs God will download to me supernatural strategies.

We are entering the 4th industrial revolution 

In the world to come AI will replace jobs. 

Robots by 2030 will outnumber the entire population of human beings. 
Psalm 91:1-5, 2 Cor 3:18

Biotech, body hacking, 5G will be ubiquitous. There will be smart drugs, green tech, Robocops, smart cars, lip reading CCT(V), aqua tech, high speed travel.

This is a generation of innovation.

Radiant ~ Jan 2020

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