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Wednesday 15 January 2020

WAFBEC 2020 Day 1 evening session - Bishop Wale Oke

Theme text: Revelation 21: 1-6

WAFBEC 2020 Theme: Behold I do a new thing

Our Lord is a God that loves new things.

The Bible talks about new heaven, new earth, new covenant, new Testament, new Jerusalem, new creature, new things, new moon, new wine, new name, new song, new mercies, new spirit, new commandments, new tongue, new man, new birth, new heart, etc.

The promise in Revelations 21:5 was talking about an age to come. But the Bible talks about people who experience the powers of the age to come (Hebrews 6:5).

Through faith you can experience of the power of the age to come.

For Example - Matthew 15:22-28. 
This is the story of the Canaanite woman who came to Jesus asking for healing for her child.
It was not yet time for Gentiles to partake of the grace of God, yet through faith and persistence, she got her request. 

God will make ALL things new

Isaiah 55:10-11, Gen 15:1-6

God is asking us to believe his Word. Don't look at your circumstances. Just look at his Word and receive it. Say like Mary, 'let it be unto me according to your Word'. He is making ALL things new.

Mercy makes your life glorious. 


• 2020 is your year of pleasant surprises
• Daily God will give you surprises
• You will be a wonder to many
• You will enjoy multiple harvests
• You will have the harvest of 10 years in one year
• You will break forth in joy
• 2020 is the year of multiple restoration
• 2020 is a very mysterious year
• 2020 is the womb of this decade
• Tonight, each one will go home with new things
• You go home with new breakthroughs, new victories, new promotions
• Delayed blessings will manifest tonight
• Miracles you have been waiting for will manifest tonight
• This month, this very month you will ride brand new cars
• You will be in your new houses this year, not rented but your own house, you own the keys
• You will become the new bride, the new bridegroom
• Barrenness is cancelled
• Delay is cancelled
• Everyone trusting God for new babies receive now! You don’t need more than the word for you to conceive. Everyone that has been called barren you become joyful mothers in the name of Jesus
• New things will happen, positive things will happen, glorious things
• In whatever way the devil has blinded your eyes, mercy will open it
• Your glorious destiny, you will see it
• The blessing God has reserved for you tonight, you will see it and you will connect with it
• Every plan that my heavenly father has not planted shall be rooted up
• Today will change your life forever
• Whatever the devil has planted in your is destroyed
• Sickness be destroyed
• The Lord shall make all things new in your life
• In every area of your life God shall make all things new
• Whatever trouble you came with to this house is over
• This month you will laugh
• This year you will laugh
• He will satisfy you
• Because of the help of God, you will not be ashamed.
• The Lord who sits on the throne will make all things new in my life
• The breakthrough begins now
• Long standing problems will vanish
• Mountains will move
• Every negative thing is over

Prophecies concerning Nigeria

• God will give us the Nigeria of our dreams

• God has invested so much in Nigeria to let Nigeria go to waste.

• There is a new wave of glory coming upon Nigeria. This new wave will usher in Muslim converts into the church in millions. This new wave will raise a new crop of leaders that will kill corruption, bring the council of the Lord to pass and make Nigeria new.

Radiant ~ January 2020

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