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Saturday 20 June 2020

Baby delivery: What I packed in my hospital bag versus what I actually needed

Frankly, it’s more like what I packed in my hospital 'box' because mine was a 15kg suitcase packed with baby and mother’s stuff. As I didn’t know how long I would be in hospital for, I figured that it's better to be over prepared than under prepared.

Things I packed in my hospital bag

For mother

  • Clothes
  • Night wear
  • Underwear
  • Towel
  • Toothbrush (an extra for dad)
  • Toothpaste
  • Soap
  • Slippers
  • Snacks
  • Sanitary pads
  • Sanitary pants
  • Nursing pads - I didn't use these.
  • Electric breast pump - I actually didn't need to pack this as I was encouraged to use the hospital pump which is more powerful.

For Baby

  • Bodysuits - These are the small vests that are fastened at the nappy area.
  • Sleepsuits - These are baby wears with arms and legs worn over the bodysuit.
  • Muslin squares - Can be used for wiping milk that drips off mouth during feeding.
  • Bibs - I had no need of these.
  • Pacifier/dummy - I didn't use this as he was a calm boy most times. Also, I wanted him to establish his suckle first.
  • Diapers - Take lots. My baby pooped 8 times daily on Day 1 and 2.
  • Wipes - Depending on your cleaning preference, take wipes or cotton wool.
  • Baby towel - You may not need this if your baby does not have his first bath in the hospital.
  • Blanket
  • Travel change mat - When packing this I wasn’t sure why I’d need it. After all I could change him in his cot, right? It was when he had pooped all over his body one day that I found good use of it. It helped prevent large stains to his clothes and my bed while changing him.
Depending on where you are expecting to deliver, you may also want to pack feeding bottle and baby milk in case breast feeding does not go on as planned initially. Luckily, I was given these at the hospital.

Other things to go to hospital with:
  • Nursing pillow - I had 2 (one was given to me as a gift). The gifted one was a larger multipurpose pillow which I used during pregnancy for pelvic girdle pain, during labour for positioning, for support of baby and arms during breastfeeding, as an improvised baby cot sometimes, and as a sitting ring for pain relief
  • Car seat - This was necessary as we were going to drive home.
And of course, some money. 

This list is not exhaustive. But these were basically all I needed for my 11-day hospital delivery journey.

Are there any items you think are important which I have left out? Please comment below. I'd be delighted.

Radiant ~ June 2020


Ayoola Efunkoya said...

Nice you put up this post.

I'm not a lady but look forward to fatherhood some day.

This should help me in advisory capacity at the least.

Radiant said...

Thank you Ayoola. I am happy you found it useful.

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing...this is so timely!

Dioscuri2 said...

I remember when we packed are first bag ! I googled al the websites
Had the bags packed at 7months !!
I nearly forgot the bag sef !!! On the way the way to the hospital !!! 😂
As usual a great post

Radiant said...

@Unknown. You’re welcome and congratulations.

Radiant said...

@Dioscuri2 😂 thanks for your comment and compliment.

Joy said...

Brilliant read! Welldone. Can't think of anything that's missing.

Radiant said...

Thank you Joy