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Wednesday 10 June 2020

Creative Ways To Celebrate Your Birthday During The Lockdown

COVID-19 has spoilt the plans of a lavish birthday party for many. However, you do not want to look back post-COVID and wish you had figured a way around it. No one should be alone, especially not on their birthday. So, let's go through some creative ideas to celebrate your birthday during the lockdown.

1. Drive in or Drive-by birthday party
You might have seen some videos of musical concerts happening with people in their cars, or videos of friends driving by and dropping birthday or baby shower gifts. Well if you have the resources and your neighbours don't mind, then this is a fun and unforgettable option. Remember to check if you require permission from your local council.

2. Doorstep delivery party
So what if you cannot afford to lock down the street? Maybe you are not that extroverted, or you are afraid of disturbing environmental peace. If the mountain will not come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain. Roast some BBQ, bake some cakes, get some cookies and just drop them off your friends' doorsteps with a note that says something like this. 'It's my birthday. Too bad we cannot get together', blah blah.

3. Virtual party
What if you don't want to step outside your home at all? Coronavirus might still be in the air after all. You could host a virtual party. You can use online conference call platforms like Zoom, Skype or FaceTime. Invite your friends, ask them to get some drinks. You could deliver cupcakes and cookies if they are nearby. Play hot music, dance and have fun. You could also play games together, like ask them questions about you to see who knows you best.

4. Facebook Watch party
Well, since you cannot go to the cinema with your friends, you could invite them to see a good movie with you via Facebook Watch party. You could chat along, eat your popcorn and drink some Coke.

5. Recorded birthday messages
Did you know you can involve friends from all over the world? Your spouse or best friend could ask them to send you videos of them saying their birthday prayers and wishes for you. You can always play it back to yourself whenever you are down as a reminder that you're loved.

How I celebrated my birthday
I had my birthday recently. Due to the lockdown conditions, I couldn't host a lavish party as I would have loved to for a milestone birthday. However,  a combination 2 and 5 above still made my day memorable. I delivered my home-made cakes to friends who lived close by. 

Unknown to me, my husband had asked friends in different parts of the world to send their video birthday messages to him. About 60 responded which he compiled and played for me on the day. I was so happy to have all those people celebrate me. 

Thanks to everyone who sent their wishes and gifts. If I had thought about it early enough, I could have hosted a virtual party as well.

Have you had your birthday during this lockdown period, please share with me how you celebrated it.

Radiant ~ June 2020


New dimension said...

Love it! Making the best of the situation. Managed to plan a Zoom baby shower this period. Creative!

Ginika Ilechukwu said...

All very cool ideas. We can't let covid steal our shine.

Radiant said...

@ND that’s really cool. @ Gee thanks for your support.

Chiamaka said...

Still checking my doorstep for no. 2 😄
Great ideas really..... I missed out on sending in my own goodwill message video(what a shame)😣

Radiant said...

@Chiamaka dear. Don’t worry. Once the borders are open, you should get yours.