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Monday 8 October 2018

RadiantKing - The Meeting

I met Kingston at our church's new choristers' induction week. We had just scaled through the rigorous auditions process which comprised a written exam on music theory with questions like, 'which notes on the piano are not followed by black keys?' and a practical session where we were made to ah, ooh and eh till our chords could carry no more and based on that I was labelled a Soprano singer, contrary to my long held notion of being a Tenor singer. 

It was in this same choir I learnt that vocal parts are classified according to vocal ranges and not harmony. When I said "I sing tenor", I actually meant that I loved to harmonize with the high male tone. And since Sopranos usually sing the melody in many songs, people like me hated to be called Soprano singers because we preferred to harmonize. Well, this choir was different because sopranos got to harmonize sometimes. I am now a proud Soprano.

During the induction, we had sessions to help us understand the essence of being choristers and music ministers and how to submit to spiritual leadership. The final stage of our induction was for us to create an original music. We were classed in 2 groups to undertake the project. Kingston had a presence, exuded confidence and dressed smart. He was immediately nominated leader of my group and he did not decline. I noticed he avoided eye or verbal contact with me during our meeting. I concluded he was the type that felt girls would hover round him like bees for all his fineness and was making efforts to appear unavailable. That front peeved me for I thought, 'who is even interested in you?' 

We created a Whatsapp group to share our song ideas. I was job seeking at the time, so I was always posting stuff - a lyric today, a voice note tomorrow or a rap verse. I even did some basic piano accompaniment. Funnily, all my suggestions received some negative comments from him and I might have thought, 'is this guy so pompous or does he just have a very high standard?'. We finally chose a song by another member of the group and inculcated my rap which I didn't get to perform 'cause someone else had a better delivery. 

That is how I met King at the Covenant Christian Center (C3) choir, popularly called C4, but under those circumstances I could not imagine we would become friends.

Radiant ~ October 2018
PS: Interestingly King's experience of our meeting was quite different. Read more in the next post.


Unknown said...

Post the next one already......such suspense

Tosina1 said...

Popcorn at the ready...poised for part two!

Unknown said...

Nice one, lemme jump over to the part 2 already!

Unknown said...

Hahahaha @him avoiding eye contact... Cracked me up