RadiantKing: Him Not Saying Anything

Kingston and I had become close friends. He gave me a lift to and fro Sunday service since my house was on his way to church. We had jovial chats and banter and I felt comfortable around him. He was now chief editor of my blog. He gladly did it and that, so excellently. I was in love with him. But I had a problem - he had not mentioned any intention of a relationship. 

I was in an awkward situation. I could not tell other interested parties that I was free to mingle, yet it would be costly to assume I was in a relationship with him as he hadn't said anything to me. I could either wait endlessly or broach him with the topic at the risk of sounding desperate. The problem with the first option was that I stood a risk of losing potential promising young men interested in me, for someone I was in love with who probably only saw me as a friend.

One day, during one of our chats, I seized an opportunity to ask for clarity on the status of our relationship. He dropped a bombshell, that he could not commit to a romantic relationship yet because he was preparing for an exam. I was very disappointed, yet relieved that I now knew my stance. First, I decided to stop being too much in his face. I told him I would find my way home on Sundays. I moved on with my life, but we kept in touch. He continued editing my write-ups and I didn't stop liking him.

I was going to resit a fast approaching professional exam after investing so much time, energy and financial resources into it. Passing it was my top priority that year. This was the main reason I had relocated to Yaba so as to be closer to the office and to channel some of the hours lost in traffic to personal studies. I had also enrolled for weekend tutorial classes, which culminated in taking a break from the choir and having very little time to spare for any other social endeavour. To my mind, anything asides friendship with Chidiogo at that time would present me as being irresponsible before her because I would not have been able to give her as much attention as I should. Moreso, after all my sacrifices for that exam, I wanted to minimise possible distractions to achieving my goal.

Although our communication waned during my academic spree, she was still a distraction even in her absence. I would find my mind wander off studies while thinking about her. I tried to fight these thoughts for a while but they just wouldn't leave. “Lord, what’s all this na? Can't a man simply study in peace?” Apparently, God was setting me up. Even though I had taken my foot off the relationship pedal, He favoured me.

I called her after work one evening. After the usual pleasantries, I asked if I could see her with the intention of arranging a date. But I got a shocker when she said: “Well, all this while you have been busy, I am now dating someone else”. “What? How? Who?” I quizzed with a puzzled look. Now the die was cast. It had officially become a contest between this other guy and me. I wasn’t going to give in without a fight. At this point, my books became secondary; getting the girl was the new priority.

To be continued...

RadiantKing ~ October 2018
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Unknown said…
Wow,What a nice love story! I cannot wait for the next episode! πŸ€—πŸ€—
Hmmmmmm. . .

Girl falls in love
Man said no
Girl moves on
Man falls in love
Girl becomes top priority

Me likey! Keep it coming guys ❤

Chiemeka Sidney said…
So Kingston you chose Exam over Love...na God save you...
I am happy for you guys...
Radiant said…
No be small God save am o
Solu said…
Full of suspense. I can’t wait for the next episode
Unknown said…
I love this story.
Unknown said…
interesting story. love it
Unknown said…
Hahahahaha!Oppurtunity cost...I cant even laugh!Help me sing that song again.....πŸŽ΅πŸŽΆπŸŽ™πŸ“£U dont know what U got till its gone.πŸ˜‚
Unknown said…
Unknown said…
I feel you would have given us more... Why end here?
Everyone has a story, and yours, is truly epic.
Femi Ayeni said…
Sidney, Kingston weighed his options before making such bold decision mehn... I salute his courageous stance. And thank God it was WIN-WIN for both and a happy ending, he fought well.
Femi Ayeni said…
This comment has been removed by the author.

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