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Tuesday 6 January 2015

Chidiogo, The Writer

I'm smiling
A little while and I smile again
I even laugh at times
As I scroll down the comments page on my blog
I feel like Jesus now
When he said I have food that you know not of
Seeing the testimonies of people, some that I don't even know
Of my being a blessing to them
Of me making their day
Them appreciating the gift of God in me
The feeling is priceless

I smile again
It says 'I've bookmarked this blog'
Thank you Lord for your gift
I'm humbled

I went to visit my friend the other day, and she was introducing me to her brother. Immediately she mentioned my name, he said, 'Chidiogo, the writer?' We were taken aback for a moment. I was amazed but excited. My friend said that I had become popular and really one day I'd be known worldwide as Chidiogo, the writer. I kept on smiling. He said he read my posts. I wasn't used to that description of me. Maybe if he said 'Radiant, the writer' it would have rung a bell.

I smile again
This one says, 'nice piece Radiant. Looking forward to your next piece as always'
As always? 

I remember moments when I'd have no inspiration for a write-up and my blog would be crying for posts and then I get a call or a BB message asking when next I'd be putting something down. And I'd reply, 'I don't know'. Sometimes I'd feel like there's nothing else to write about. But minutes, hours or days pass and I'd be up with my tab typing something.

A lot of times, I write some stuff. Cool stuff. But it never gets to be published 'cause of fears of being misunderstood or somehow time passes and the post is no longer relevant or I'm not just comfortable posting it and I don't know why. Many times I send my posts to one or two friends to read and reassure me that it's good before I post. There's a tendency to enjoy one's work so much and yet others don't get it. But the joy of a writer is in having readers. So I've decided to be less selfish. 

This time I frown
And what is it?
Someone wrote, 'needs a little editing... Otherwise pas mal, lol... and please do and get to stage Car!'

Not bad? Editing? And then you comment as anonymous. How then will I get to learn from you the things I need to improve on? Not that I'm perfect, but I know how much work I do to get the grammar and structure of the posts as perfect as possible. Sometimes, while doing that, days pass and the post is no longer relevant. To be unbiased, I give others my posts to proofread before they are published and I keep editing even till months after they are published.

I ignore that
And go on to more encouraging comments
Thankfully, I get very little nasty comments

Nice piece!
On point!

Words used to describe my posts. Words that strengthen my courage. Words I cherish to the moon and back. Words that always make me smile. Words that make me happy.

I've reached the end of the page
I scroll up to take them in again

©Radiant ~January 2015


GARY said...


Unknown said...

When i finished reading this post; then i said ....It's Awesome!

Mrs B said...

Diogo wow! U write good girl. Keep it up

Unknown said...

Ada mmadu Jisie ike, Don't give up u are also making my day with ure write up.

Unknown said...

And let the people saaayyyyy....Nicey...keep it up!

Unknown said...

Chidiogo the writer sounds perfect. You are heading to the top. Hope to get your autograph soon.

Unknown said...

I have always enjoyed ur write ups. But as i once told a friend if u don't get criticised atall that is when u should be bothered.