The Roving Mind And Powerful Words

I'm supposed to be reading. But I've gone through this particular paragraph for the umpteenth time; I wonder what I'm thinking about. I try again. This time taking every line ultra slowly like the Holiness preachers of those days. But then I'm preaching to myself.

Serological... studies... can... also... be... performed... on... serum... samples... collected... from... patients...10... days... apart. 

I don't get it, so I read the line again, trying my best to focus and visualize every word.  

Se.. ro.. lo.. gi.. cal.

'What are serological studies?', I ask myself, 'What are serum samples?' Collected from patients. Ten days apart. Oh! It's simple now. So why didn't I understand it before?  I continue reading and soon I'm at the end of the paragraph not knowing how I got there 'cause I can't tell what sentences I just read. I jolt back to reality on spotting a particular word; one that induces terror. The word—DEAD! I read that line again. This time with my eyes peeled. 

Finally, microscopic examination of liver biopsy of DEAD patients can show some specific changes in the liver.

I heave a sigh of relief or maybe frustration. What else did I expect to hear from a medical textbook? 

I marvel at how some words are strong enough to call a wandering mind back to a book. Words as the above and the popular three-letter word. Has it ever happened to you? You are reading, or better put, skimming a page. Your eyes are roving but your mind has lammed to London. And just then, your eyes light on that three letter word. You suddenly come to and want to know what it refers to, only to find out, very often, that it talks about genders. I wonder why the mind is like that. And flipping the script, that word is also strong enough to take a concentrating mind off the book. Well, depending on the condition of the heart.

©Radiant~ January 2015


Unknown said…
Bringing every thought into captivity... (2corinth 10:5) lol. Its good to have a roving mind but Lesotho of all places? What happened to Paris, Rome, Bahamas? Chei, you need to renew your mind nwanne. Nice piece as always...and BTW what 3 letter word? She? Hahaha...
Unknown said…
Paris was just invaded by terrorist a week ago, the mind won't go there.
About the three letter word, maybe 'HIM'
Unknown said…
Nice piece Diogo. Please write sth on how interesting everything becomes when u want to read including staring at d wall. Harmattan shall not see or dry ur pen.
Radiant said…
Thanks Nnamdi and Kaycee. Actually, I originally wrote '...the mind has roamed to Rome' but I changed it. I wanted something sweet to the lips. Lesotho sounds sweet, just like Bangladesh . Unfortunately, the prosperity of the countries don't correlate with how their names sound.
Nnamdi Mgbemena said…
Nice one "Chidiogo the Writer"...atleast am not the only one with the wondering of thoughts in Lesotho while reading and maybe finally get myself after reading half a page.....Lolzzz
Unknown said…
If you factor in the facts that airfares to France would be really affordable now and that terrorists have got nothing on me, you'd catch my train of thought. 3 letter word, maybe Boy? Diogo causing confusion. Next time kpozia okwu aha biko.
Unknown said…
Really nyccc...

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