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Saturday 10 January 2015

Girls Only: 15 Things your mother didn't tell you

In the transition from girlhood to womanhood, a lot of things are left unsaid. The girl has to figure out herself how to fit into a world with so many devourers and looters, many who love her body and not her virtue; those who want her company but only as a concubine. She learns them by her own mistakes, sometimes it's too late to correct consequences. Sometimes, she never learns them. In my little sojourn and from interactions with other men and women, I have garnered some nuggets that will guide the lady if known and understood. 
Your mom probably told you some of what I'm about to tell you, but here is why:

1. Don't go to his house. You will most likely go back. And one day, you'll sleep over.
2. Sometimes in life, you need not be afraid of making enemies. Sometimes, you need to let them say you are snobby to save your soul.
3. Don't hesitate to say NO. If you are on the hot seat and can't think of an appropriate answer, it's always safer to say NO. After all, Jesus commended the son that said no to his father, but later came back and did the work.
4. Don't be naive. The world is not as peaceful as your heart is. Be aware of what's going on in your environment.
5. Treat all male friends as brothers. Never look at them as potential boyfriends.
6. Make godly people as friends. Iron sharpens iron. 
7. Enjoy being alone. Love your own company.
8. Never let down your guard in anyone's company, even in church or among church people. The heart of man is DESPERATELY wicked.
9. Don't energize your flesh by feeding on things that will cause you to fantasize. You'll never know what you're capable of until opportunity comes for it to manifest. Guard your heart jealously.
10. Love everyone with the love of The Lord and don't be paranoid, but when they start crossing their boundaries even with silly jokes, make it clear your stand. Never give them the benefit of doubt.
11. NEVER agree to sleep over! Many men hold the wrong notion that once a lady agrees to spend the night, she has also given permission for inappropriate touch and sex.
12. Don't let him spend on you when you know you're going to say no when he asks you out. 
13. Don't get a boyfriend because it's in vogue and all your friends have one. Trust me, they all envy you.
14. Par adventure, by mistake, you find yourself alone with an XY, never say that you don't trust yourself (but please don't trust yourself). That statement sends a wrong signal to the corrupt mind.
15. Finally and ultimately, trust God to keep you away from evil people. Really, even if you planted a radar to detect them, some people are just skillful at deceit.

Of course, the above applies to girls that want to live a chaste life as commanded by their Lord. However, There are many more you and I need to know that we don't. But cheer up young girl. The Holy Spirit will teach you all things. Only turn aside and look. Give yourself to the study of the Word of God.

David asked, 'how can a young man keep his way pure?', and he answered, 'by keeping it according to Thy law'.

©Radiant~January 2015

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Unknown said...

Some of these points also apply to young men who want to live chaste. So thoughtful of you Chidiogo. Remain Inspired

Unknown said...

Hmmn...You couldn't have said it any better dear! Take it from me when I say your words are clear indications of who I think you are at heart: that's the inexplicable aura of virtue in you that I find really attractive. Keep up the good work. May heaven preserve your relevance and increase your sphere of influence. AMEN

Unknown said...

I love this.God will help those that will listen to this instructions

Unknown said...

Covenant of purity..... I support chaste!
You're are a blessing to this generation dear. Thanks.

Unknown said...

Girls only but I read(hope it's not disobedience) and was indeed blessed by things I even thought I already knew. More ink to ur pen.

Unknown said...

Guys will always check in on anything tagged. " girls only!!''...sorry I disobeyed... Ur soo right on point

lotusblog said...

Nice writeup dear. Keep it up. God's grace to you...
(But as an aside... My mom told me all)

Unknown said...

Number 11 should be edited to All men not just most.

This is such great truth. Sometimes I look at the author (Chidiogo) and I wonder if she's really the one writing all this. One has been tempted to believe that no very pretty lady can be this godly. Nne you remain an amazement. Blessed is the brother awaiting thee.


Radiant said...

Thanks peeps. I appreciate your comments